Building Appraisal

Building Appraisal

Nick Maclean has particular experience in precise analysis and diagnosis, having spent over seven years working within Arup’s specialist division investigating building defects.
His work has changed the fate of a number of large old structures, by careful appriasal and analysis based on well understood engineering principles rather than relying on codes developed for new buildings.

West India Dock Warehouses

Realistic appraisal highlighted flaws in computer analyses. Corresponding careful investigations into the extent of rot defects revealed substantial residual material, so the previously perceived need for extensive cutting out and strengthening was substantially eliminated.

Alexandra Palace

Nick has been involved with projects to maintain and restore this very large Victorian building that has minimal financial resources. Of particular pride is last-minute intervention to eliminate some temporary works that were threatening cancellation of an Arthur Andersen international convention, a major source of revenue. Wrong computer analysis had predicted collapse and the need for extravagant temporary works but these were easily shown unnecessary by experienced 3D analysis.

Hill Paul Mill in Stroud, Gloucestershire

In 2001, with just 8 Acrow props Nick eliminated the perceived collapse scenario that was dictating dangerous structure demolition. The six-story building was saved and subsequently converted into 34 flats with four two-story penthouses added… without any strengthening!

Red Brick Buildings in Glastonbury, Somerset

In 2010, a report was produced which showed that this old tannery could be simply and effectively restored, saving a part of the local sheepskin coat industry and saving many millions of pounds in pointless repair and strengthening. The buildings are now being restored to create workshops, offices and a community café.